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Joanna Hawrot

Joanna Hawrot – Polish fashion designer, the winner of The Fashion Designer of the Year #BEGINDESIRE title in the HUSH Selected 2014 contest. The designer creates artistic performances hovering at the edge of fashion and art, thereby realising the philosophy From Fashion To Art. Since April 2016  Joanna Hawrot has been designing and working in Warsaw. Still, her collections can be purchased in major cities both in Poland and abroad. Based in the heart of Cracow since 2008, the first atelier by Joanna Hawrot, initiated the idea of the Boutique Gallery. Over the course of years, the place has been the venue of artistic meetings and events on the verge of fashion, art, and business.

Collections and fashion designs

Designs by Joanna Hawrot constitute an artistic expression, bridging the functionality of an outfit with the uniqueness of a piece of art. The designer consistently pertains to the Japanese concept of an aesthetic polarisation, which is aimed at expressing maximum content within a simple form. Joanna Hawrot derives inspiration from oriental culture and tradition, and creates the bridge between Asian culture and modern European metropolis. So far, she has accomplished several collections, presented both in Poland and during brand events in New York, Berlin, Paris and Düsseldorf. Apart from regular designs, Joanna Hawrot focuses on limited series comprising unique, single copies created in cooperation with modern artists. Kimono, in its European understanding, with the focus on universal, unique and comfortable style, is the signature item of Joanna Hawrot brand. #Kimonolovers is a community of kimono enthusiasts – artists, performers, and business women, representing a diversity of backgrounds.

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