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Japanes aesthetics of polarization is reflected in the traditional costume of the culture – KIMONO. Its open construction and well though design allows for expression of the maximum amount of content in minimal form. The old Japanese custom preached to keep a kimono, even when it was worn-out. It was a tribute to effort made in its creation. Way of wearing kimono decide about the final message, crowning the whole ritual. 

KIMONO EXCLUSIVE – individual design of kimono

KIMONO and THE CITY is the concept of introducing a kimono on the European streets. Kimonos, created as personalized collector’s items, are also unconventional proposition of everyday clothing. They can be modest and classic or modern in intensive colours. We prepare kimono for special order. We choose the best form, material, details. We are creating kimono in the spirit of WEARABLE ART.

#KIMONOLOVERS – the community of kimono fans – artists, performers, business woman, who appreciate the craftsmanship and precision. They are distinctive and go up with the times. Kimono gives them unlimited possibilities of stylization.

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