tel:+48 510-194-250

Joanna Hawrot is the winner of The Fashion Designer of the Year #BEGINDESIRE title in the HUSH Selected 2014 contest. She creates artistic performances from the boarder of fashion and art, which realize FROM FASHION TO ART philosophy.

Hawrot’s designs are the form of expression. She is faithful to Japanese aesthetics of polarization – consisting in the expression of the maximum amount of content in minimal form. She brings the culture and tradition of Asia in the space of modern European metropolis.

Kimono, the hallmark of the brand, is presented through the scope of illustration, painting, and modern technologies. The designer realises the philosophy FROM FASHION TO ART, presenting her collections by means of interactive multimedia art installations. She already made several projects. The biggest was a multimedia fashion show at the Museum of Japanese Art and Technology Manngha. Her designs gained international recognition during the most significant brand events in New York, Berlin, Paris and Düsseldorf. Joanna Hawrot accomplishes fashion and art projects in cooperation with the most important Institutes of Culture in Poland and abroad.

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